Friday, September 4, 2015


"When you have abandoned all past 
and future, it is as if you have come 
alive. You are here, mindful…the 
nature of all types of consciousness 
reveals itself." -Ajahn Brahm

Abandon, by Opal Street Dance Improvisation Theater, is a story about two women whose time and space realities have transformed into an eternal, ephemeral state, a connection with the spirit of nature.

Discoveries were made of the space in between, where we can abandon all inhibitions and play, using our imaginations- linking us directly to the source of our powerful, creative ways.

Our histories link us together. Tapping into our collective consciousness, we sensed the characters lives and the stories that once transpired here. Improvising with our immediate surroundings, we experienced a journey into the space between time and space.

Our adventure of exploring this abandoned house led us to interior discoveries of ourselves and of this beautiful abandoned farm land. Music was sourced after the initial filming, done in silence to our internal promptings/rhythms; La Rosa Enflorence and Rosas das Rosas by Annwn. Annwn is the name of the Otherworld in Welsh mythology.

We abandon our ego in order to access the depths of our universal imagination, conscience, and an ephemeral state, using gesture to communicate the silent stories of this abandoned house, nature, and the mysteries it holds. 
Spontaneously improvised, we scouted the land and my mother costumed us from her thrift store.  We embarked on an expedition at the abandoned farmhouse which evoked experiences we will treasure forever in our hearts.  Scenes are improvised and somewhat abstract to allow for the witnesses imagination to breathe life into what had once been abandoned and create their own meaning. 
We sourced and created everything ourselves. Filming, movement, and ideas were all crafted in the moment. 
The composition transpired while editing, like a dancer- dreaming, weaving together her story as she perceives it. 
The reason we feel that this film is important is its timeless quality.  The editing takes the place of the choreography, where I was able to arrange the shots in no specific order so that the audience can create their own interpretation and meaning. 
We do not wish to impose any limits or boundaries on what this should mean.  The title is descriptive of the condition in which the property was left.  However, new, green life continues to thrive.  While improvising, our imaginations were open to the number of stories/possibilities that could have transpired here, paired with our own interpretations and experiences.
The seemingly meaninglessness is its relevance.  What's dead is but alive within us through our shared, collective memory bank.  As long as we can remember something, it will always be with us.  This is a film that honors both death and life.  It is with awe and reverence in which we remember this place and its history.
The gaelic, dark celtic music was a choice inspired by their gaiety and whimsical ways of weaving folklore and storytelling into inspiring tales, song and poetry.

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