Saturday, August 23, 2014

A docuMEnTAry to help save the farmhouse is in the works to save the house from decomposing to preserve the Lambertson Legacy, a family of farmers that built this house in 1820. 
Marion Smith Lambertson, the last descendant of the family, founded the Historical Society and wanted the house to be preserved as a park and a community center.
For more information about how you can help save this house and the Lambertson farm, contact Opal Street Dance Improvisation Theater,, at, in collaboration with Echoes Past, where more information can be found at: Help Create a Non Profit to Save the Smith Farm | Indiegogo

Thank you for reading and your willingness to contribute to a project that will bring together a community of student film makers, local farmers, historians and preservationists to save 200 acres of trees and farmland.

The film will be a message for universal peace, saving this historical landmark, nature, and the spirit of consciousness.  

Together, we can co-create a message of universal collaboration and artistic effort in honor of our infinite potential as an imagine-nation.  

Agriculture, education and justice for all.

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